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Hey there,

Lauren here! I'll bet you never thought you'd taste a ROYAL pepperoni roll in your life! Well, you've made it! Not only are my rolls made from the finest ingredients, they are stuffed to the edges with pepperoni.


Because my folks were hungry! Hangry in fact. I just needed to feed my family in a pinch; off to grandmas, out for the 3 hour road trip, packable so they were EASY TO TRANSPORT (except, I wouldn't suggest you put them in your pocket)!

I needed something QUICK, SIMPLE, and DELICIOSO!

For a good year, I was just making the original Classic Pepperoni Roll recipe for my family. Now comes 2021 (yes, not that long ago)... picture it... I was in an Italian restaurant and I had just learned there was an open space in a local market for creators to sell their goods. Ding!... my rolls are GOOD... SELL MY ROLLS!! 

At home with a new born and a 2 year old... what was I thinking?! There was something in me that knew I wasn't going back to a 9-5 job. Heck no! I wanted to help my closet acquire more shoes and purses.... I mean help out around the house financially. (Shhhh, I won't tell if you don't).

As you can see, we've grown way past the original recipe. I've got more than toddler taste buds to satisfy now, right!!!! We're hittin' the pepperoni roll market with a bang. We got more than just pep n' cheese. We've crafted more simply delicious rolls made-to-order so YOU can be the hero for your next dinner or snack!

Lauren Queen

Owner, Creator, Baker | since 2021

"We love Lauren's pepperoni rolls and her ability to squeeze an order in on relatively short notice."

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